Home infrastructure

At AHS Overseas we have the infrastructure which is a blend of multi station Bolt forming imported and conventional forging machines competent enough to forge material into Hex, Round head or any desired shape with the cutoff diameter capability (8mm to 24mm) and feed length capacity (40mm).
Different grade materials are being used to conforce to 4.6, 8.8, 10.9 or 12.9 grade. Dimensions are maintained according to the industry standards. We come up with the wide variety of specifications in narrow range of fields which can be suitable for intended application.

CNC turning lathe machines

To fulfil the need of precision machine components we have the infrastructure of CNC turning machines to manufacture the required component for undertaken for Diameter 100mm * length upto 300mm. We are proffering series of products and equipments with the use of CNC machine, as it has touched almost every form of manufacturing process.

Press shop Avai

lability of various hydraulic and power presses to aid manufacture all types of sheet metal components and washers ranging from 20 ton to 100 ton. These presses are built to heavy-duty standards and designed to work at a high speed.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is done in controlled atmosphere to nullify chances of decarburisation and this ensures uniformity of results with no thread distortion. In order to produce a quality product, the complex matrix of factors of heat treating cycle is being controlled properly.

Planting :

Planting covers ton of extensive material for a purpose-driven and seeker- sensitive. The following types of planting can be provided -: 1. Black Phosphate
2. Dacromet
3. Electro Zinc Galvanized
4. Copper Plating
5. Nickel Plating
6. TIN Plating
7. Mechanical Hot Dip
8. Powder Coating
9. Cadmium Plating
10. Lead Platting

In House electroplating pealing and Hot dip zinc plant is having a capacity of over 3 M.T per day is available for providing the desired peating. Hot Dip Galvanizing is done according to 150 1461 or BSEN 10684. Standard thickness provided is more than 70 micros. Electroplating is done using trivalent passivation (CR3) for both white and yellow peated products and hence is free from all hazardous material. MU- coating thickness provided is 12 micros following ISO 4042 standard. Dacromet and Geomet coating is done following ISO 6047.
We have certain items in our stock inventory to enable immediate delivery. We have an installed capacity to produce fasteners upto 500 Metric tones.

Testing Process

Our infrastructure includes in house testing unit to assure the manufactured products are as per the industrial parameters. In addition to this we provide proper quality checkup from govt recognized centres and provide certifications also for the material harness quality. We develop and enact the effective quality test going through various key testing phases and ultimate techniques for uplifting the product.

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